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Welcome to your Box of Blooms

September 3, 2020

Greetings flower lovers!! You've just received your Belle Fleur Box of Blooms and it's time to bring Summer into your home and start channeling your inner floral designer. In this week's segment, noted floral designer Meredith Waga Perez, owner and Creative Director of acclaimed floral & event design boutique, Belle Fleur, will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to clean and condition the stunning flowers that have landed on your doorstep, directly from Holland. She'll also guide you on how to design and create beautiful arrangements with these blossoms, ensuring your home will look and feel amazing.

8.1 Conditioning & Designing Hydrangea

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Working with Hydrangea

No matter the color of hydrangea, they are all treated the same when it comes to conditioning. Hydrate the heads by dunking them in cool water for 45 minutes to and hour.

Peel off most of the leaves. You can do this by hand as they are easy to pull off. We like to leave one on a few hydrangea to add a little greenery.

Trim the stems by first clipping a little off the ends. Then snip vertically to split the stem about an inch. This allows water to travel up the stem faster to hydrate the heads.

We like to create a round and voluptuous shape. To do this, make sure the center flower is a bit taller than the outer flowers.

8.2 Conditioning & Designing Lisianthus

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Working with Lisianthus

Lisianthus, no matter the color, can be treated exactly the same. Trim the stems to the desired length (we like the as long as possible) then put in cold water.

The stems of the Lisianthus branch out and offer multiple flowers of differing heights. Save the smaller ones to place in bud vases.

We strip most of the leaves off each stem but you can leave a few on for a more natural look. The stems are delicate so be sure to hold the gently all together as you pull the leaves off.

We like to create multiple arrangements with our stems by using a variety of different sized vases. The taller look is perfect for a dramatic locale and bud vases are ideal for bathrooms.

8.3 Conditioning & Designing Queen Anne's Lace

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Working with Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace is a pretty flower with a natural country feel. You'll notice that the leaves tend to look a bit like dill. It's because it is part of the cilantro/dill family.

Queen Anne's Lace will give off a mild herbal aroma. There are hundreds of little flowers that bloom on each stem. be sure to trim the stem to size and put in cold water.

It takes a bit more work than most flowers but the leaves come off very easily. We recommend taking them all off to showcase the beauty of the lacey floral heads.

We love the big, natural feel of the Queen Anne's Lace. They will last as long as the water is kept fresh and the stems are retrimmed daily.

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