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Conditioning and Designing White Double Rose Lilies

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Preparing Your Lilies

These Double Lilies are a new hybrid lily. They are unique in many ways, most notably, they are essentially two flowers in one, as there are twice as many petals.

Additionally, the smell is incredible! Take the time to put your nose to them. You'll also find that they are missing the pollinated pistils which shed and leave a dust on your surfaces.

The Double Rose Lilies will bloom big! They are a robust flower that should, with proper care, last longer than average. Make sure you use cold water and pull most of the leaves off.

To care for your flowers, make sure to change the water daily and re-trim the stems (at a 45 degree angle). Keep them as tall as possible for a bold look.

Conditioning & Designing Calla Lilies

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Working with Calla Lilies

Callas are very easy to work with and require very little effort. It's important to trim them to the right size depending on the vase you plan on using.

When you trim them, always do so at a 45 degree angle to allow for maximum hydration. It's also very important to use cold water.

All calla lilies are treated and conditioned in the same manner, irrespective of color. Be sure to re-trim your callas daily and change the water too.

Calla lilies can look spectacular when left tall but can equally look stunning when placed in smaller vessels. We try to array them in a fan shape for maximum design effect.

Conditioning and Designing Protea

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Working with (Pin Cushion) Protea

Pin Cushion Protea is a very unique flower, and has a cactus like look. Its tendrils give it the appearance of a pin cushion, thus the name.

This is a very robust flower that can last a long time. The stems are thick and we recommend trimming them down with clippers or very sturdy scissors.

Peel the leaves off, but leave one or two on if you like to have a little color and make it look more natural. We're using smaller vases and we're going for a clean look.

In smaller vases, using 3-4 protea will be sufficient. Be sure to change the water out daily and you'll be able to enjoy this unique flower for quite some time.

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